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Land of Enchantment 

Hawaii is an ancient land of healing, star visitors, landings, and inner awareness.  The climate spans from lush warm rainforest to dry arid desert and even snow on the holy mountains.   Madame Pele, the fire goddess of creation, reigns here, along with many other deities and the land is alive with mana, or energy.  The spirit of aloha is practiced here, sending that vibration of love and inner knowingness out to the world at large to bring peace and tranquility.  The holiness about everywhere, including the very special Waipio Valley, the valley of the kings.  Here, it was that visitors from other worlds came and settled.  There is a pyramid in the sacred valley that is linked to the stars.  Come and see this wonderful land of healing, and you will be forever changed and healed.


land of mystery

The sacred valley is sacred indeed.  Here, indigenous shamans manifest spirits and call in the the star family.  Here, things do not always follow the 'typical' reality,  Condors, jaguars and anacondas rule in Peru, and these are all in tribute to the star family.   Here, the question is not if whether other-worldly being occur, but rather whether or not they are in bodies.  Miracles occur here for those willing to trek with an open heart to the top of the world, the sacred Apus, or holy mountains.  On my trips here I have witnessed miracles that have changed my perspective of 'reality.'  I have collected holy water from these sites, done ceremony here, and spend much time in sacred space in honor and appreciation of this most holy land.  

The rain forest is another aspect of this most sacred planet.  Here, ayahuasceros brew medicine that will dis-assemble one ready for the challenge and the growth.  One of the most profound experience for one who is ready, (or can be terrifying for one who is not) the vine of the dead allows one to explore aspects not defined by words.  Icaros, sacred songs, carry one to the vibration that is needed, with the wisdom available to those who approach her with honor and respect.  bless

Pele's commandments

She has spoken 

Every once in a while a creation comes along that is intense enough to be a little scary. Pele's Commandments is such a creation. A few months ago during a new moon in the middle if the night in the rain, I was instructed by Madame Pele to take my paint outside and pour it on the cotton rag paper as directed. In the dark, I took red, yellow, orange and bright pink and poured them as directed. What remained looked somewhat like a face, although it was put down and was told to wait for further instructions. When Pele began to deliver her messages in earnest, the unfinished painting began to call. Pele was talking about the need for respect, and her ability to transform where not respected if she wished. She told me to resume the painting, following her instructions during the creation. As the lava began to flow, she began to tell me about that which is important - respect, truth, compassion, love, honor, transformation and to 'be pono.' Each day she delivered these messages as she directed my brush strokes and color selections. Those words are being delivered out of her mouth to care for her land - the very land she creates! As her lava is nearing homesteads I pray that all will heed her commandments for a better way of being. She can turn any way at any time. Let's all heed her commandments and be better humans in all aspects of our being. Bless