Hostalek Fine Art


About the artist

Dr. Linda Hostalek has been painting since she was a child.  Enamored with the natural world, healing, and beauty, art has been a part of her entire life.  Throughout her life as physician, author, radio personality, and practicing shaman, her passion for art, specifically painting, has permeated throughout all that she has done. Spirit makes a way through the paintings, taking her to another dimension in pursuit of the essence to honor the being within the painting.   A life lived to the fullest with love and adventure, and happiness with purpose, gives her the impetus to continue to pursue her passion.  Her life has been one of adventure, travel, healing, and emerging with clarity, dignity, and grace.   As a healer and cranial osteopath, she is honored to touch people's souls, and see how they relate to the world around and within them.  She reflects this in her paintings, as well as in her life in general. 

Influences of the 1990's to 20teens - I was granted the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with the greatest shamans in the world - those of the Amazon Jungle, and of the highlands of Peru.  They saw my gifts, and initiated me into other realms which continue to influence me to this day.  After several years of study and contact, with them and other enlightened beings, I began teaching (with their blessing) shamanic apprenticeships and leading groups to these holy lands.  The holy places of Europe, especially Druidic England, Mayan Guatemala and Mexico, Egypt and the ancient areas of the Mediterranean Sea also influenced me greatly.  Throughout this time I would collect holy water from various sites and use these in the creation of the paintings.  The vibration of these holy places continue to permeate these creations, infused with the spiritual essence of these holy lands.  As my medicine body grew I began to also pray and bless each painting, including all who see and are inspired by such works.  The vibration from these works is intended to permeate and radiate love and blessings out to all realms everywhere.  As vibration influences vibration, the intent is to help to co create a world of positive, healthy, loving vibrations that will help to heal individuals, families, communities, lands, seas, our planet and even our galaxy and the multiverse itself.  I ask that you join in sending those loving vibrations of love and peace out to your world to help coalesce those loving vibrations.  It is in this spirit that I continue to peruse my life long passion of painting.  Today I paint the spirit of what I see, whether that is a flower, land or sea scape, or a spiritual guardian.  You are invited to see the world through my eyes, and through my interpretation of the eyes of spirit.  As one who has been in contact with beings from other realms, (I am a Pleaidean), I understand there is much more than meets the 'eye' in regard to all things on this planet.  Join with me in loving this planet being and sending loving thoughts and vibrations to all. 

Dr Linda Hostalek is a medical intuitive, Andean-trained shaman, artist, author, and holistic physician. She weaves the teachings of the earth and human energetic systems through her paintings, with medical and spiritual insight.  As a master ceremonialist, she teaches how to live in the energetic stream and to restore the mind body and spirit back to health and vibrancy.  She lives in paradise in the land of ancient Lumeria, the Big Island of Hawaii, where she enjoys the natural world that inspires her daily.  bless

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