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I capture the spirit of the painting with prayer, intention, and holy water.  Trained by the best medicine people in the world, they taught me to look for  Spirit's fingerprint on everything.  I capture the essence of the subject with humility and grace, honoring the subject at all time, learning more about the process of life with each new vision.  To inquire about a work,  gallery, commissioned peice or show please contact us at  Bless  



Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new pics from my latest works.. you can always contact me about any of the works you see here or for a commissioned piece.  Gallery inquiries welcomes as well.  enjoy!

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October 2014
As the lava flows towards Pahoa town on the Big Island of Hawaii, this painting evolved as Pele channeled her voice through my paints.  What resulted is 'Pele's Commandments.'  Ceremony was performed and the creative force herself was honored.  The intensity of this painting really brings her words home and has a profound effect on those who have seen her in person, read more in 'Pele's Commandments'.  bless 808.938.4073 email for more information on this or other works.



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